Wages of sin duet


They say New York City is the Devil’s Playground.

They’re wrong.

This city belongs to me.

And so does Aislinn Granville. 

She is a pampered politician’s daughter.

A decorative ornament, 

raised to smile and nod and do what she’s told.

Except… she doesn’t. Not with me. Ever.

In this city full of thugs and thieves, I’ve kept Aislinn safe.

From my enemies.

From me.

Until now.

I am a corrupt king, ruling a sinful empire. 

I wasn’t born to the crown.

Nevertheless, I wear it well.

Aislinn Granville is the Crown Jewel of my empire—my queen. 

To my enemies, she’s my Achilles heel—a perfect pawn. 

Without her, I am a wounded warrior. 

A ruthless, relentless beast.

There is nowhere she can be taken that I won’t find her.

No adversary I won’t crush to get her back.

Even if I have to burn this city to the ground.